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      Join Us For Our Lunch Buffet at 1301 S. Michigan.
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        Serving Traditional Nepali & Indian Cuisine

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        Our 1301 S. Michigan Location

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        Catering Available for Any Event or Party

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        Our 2601 Devon Ave. Location

      Welcome to Nepal House.Family Owned and Operated Since 2008.

      Our restaurant was founded w/ the primary intent of providing a fine dining establishment w/ the highest quality traditional Nepali & Indian cuisine in the city of Chicago.

      We have been in the business of serving multi nation cuisine in our various restaurants for the past 12 years & have no doubt in our minds that once you try our food, you’ll be hooked for life.
      Combining our extensive experience in owning & operating restaurants w/ the fact that our hometown is in Nepal results in a full service experience which has both delicious food & unparalleled courteous service from our entire staff.